Carrying on a family tradition of selling Real Estate in the Greater Toronto Area for over 60 Years backed by exceptional interpersonal skills will grant you access to superior Commercial Real Estate knowledge. In addition, this access is further enhanced by a premium database of real estate transactions, bona fide Buyers and Sellers and Market Intelligence based on upcoming needs and Market Trends.

My service strength lies in my ability to offer a bespoke approach to property acquisitions and dispositions based on tried knowledge and experience. This strength is based on the premise that service excellence must have a solid foundation built on tried and true Market Intelligence. My primary goal-oriented approach is to provide opportunities that are current with government policies surrounding urban planning and growth.  

Adept understanding of local municipal policies governing infill, intensification objectives and long terms plans both Regional and Local. An Educational background founded on a Specialized Honours in Public Policy and Administration has provided me with a keen sense of areas poised for significant growth; both Urban and Rural.

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